Does this sound familiar?
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The pressure to create new content for Sunday is always present.
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Managing team and staff dynamics keeps you up at night.
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Finances are a constant concern.
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Expert voices are hard to find and even harder to connect with.
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You’re being asked to lead through challenges you’ve never faced before.
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Challenges come quickly, but solutions arrive slowly.
We’ve helped organizations just like yours overcome
obstacles like these.
We can help you, too.
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What do you get?
  • Messages from Andy Stanley and North Point leaders to show or preach
  • Training materials for teaching best practices to staff and volunteers
  • Guides, forms, and resources for every area of ministry
  • Practical tools like a dashboard to quickly track and view your church’s trends
  • Orange curriculum and strategies for children’s and student environments (First Look, 252 Basics, XP3 Middle School, and XP3 High School)
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What do you get?
  • Opportunities to build community with other like-minded leaders
  • Access to regular call groups and gatherings
  • Discounts to all North Point conferences for you, your staff, and your volunteers
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What do you get?
  • Individual Lead Pastor coaching with a dedicated North Point Partner Consultant
  • Opportunities to gain valuable solutions from the experiences of others in the network
I am a leader who feels overwhelmed, and I’d love someone to coach me as I lead this organization.
Hear what pastors are saying
about the benefits of partnership.
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"Every time our church grows, I'm leading a church bigger than I've ever led before. So we face constant challenges trying to figure it out."
- Matt Johnson, Lead Pastor
The Journey Church, Murray, KY
Sean Seay
Scott Martin
Lead Pastor
First Christian Church
Huntington Beach, CA
“North Point has connected us to an entire network of people and churches that have done what we are trying to do or are right in the middle of it. We’ve gained insight, wisdom, and practical ideas about what is and isn’t working in churches around the country. Our new resources and connections have helped us go further than we could have on our own.”
Rusty George
Chris Causey
Lead Pastor
Encounter Church
Westwood, MA
“As a pastor, the constant demands on my time and ever-shifting cultural pressures can leave me feeling like I’m a few steps behind. Through partnership, invaluable wisdom and help are just a phone call, website, or conference away. Partnership has been a game-changer for us!"
Carey Nieuwhof
Carey Nieuwhof
Founding Pastor
Connexus Church
Barrie, Canada
“What keeps me coming back is finding a tribe of like-minded leaders committed to creating churches that unchurched people love to attend. I've made friends I'll keep for life who understand the ups and downs of exactly what I'm trying to do and who I'm trying to be in Christ. Being able to debate, discuss, rethink, and imagine with such leaders is so rare—and so valuable.”
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